With Givingtree, your whole family can share in saving for your child’s future! It’s fun and so rewarding together.

Begin growing your child’s future.

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Givingtree is an ASB Innovation initiative designed to help kiwi families save for the children in their lives, to give them greater opportunities for their future.

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Set goals, find out what they need and how to get there

We help you choose a goal for your child, and show you how much you need to put away each week to reach it.

We keep on top of your progress and let you know when you need to take action to ensure you reach their goal.

Stay on track with helpful alerts

First, we'll help you start saving cash and earning interest. Soon, we hope to be launching additional investment options so you can access potentially greater returns for your child's savings.

Choose growth options to suit their needs

The best thing about Givingtree is it lets everyone come together to contribute to your child's future. Family and friends can be invited to visit your child's Givingtree, leave their own cash gifts along with messages of love and support.

Your whole family can join in

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